Add number of faves in observation exports

Is it possible in downloads to have a field for the number of faves for an observation?
I cannot find any faves index in the fields available for downloading.

Similarly, in the widgets - is it possible to sort by faves (rather than dates)?

Looks like you have two feature requests here, so you’d need to start a new topic for the widget one.

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i don’t think so in the current system. seems like an ask for new download functionality might belong here:

it is possible to use the API to get a list of people who have faved a given observation. you could just count that list to get what you’re looking for, assuming you are willing and able to tinker with the API…

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You may be able to use R to get the data? Have a look at @hanly 's post -

Yes, it is possible with the new API to get a faves count. You can even screen by only observations that have been favorited at least once to narrow it down. The R package in my profile can do this if you wanted to work with a dataframe in R – if you don’t use R then it may be more trouble than it is worth, but I’m starting to make tools there for data analysis since it is popular with ecologists.

For example, I can pull that the original poster has 444 records that have been favorited, one 24 times: – All others have 4 or less.

If you do want to use R then this would get your own faved observations:
df <- iNat(user_login= "tonyrebelo", popular = "true")

And then the df$faves_count column would be the number of faves.