Sort observations by how many faves they have

I know that in filters there’s already an option “popular” that shows the observations that have one or more faves. But why can’t it sort the observations so that the ones that have the most faves stand out.
For example imagine that I want to know which observation in my country has the most “likes”. To find it I would have to scroll through all the observations (most of them have just a single “like”) until I find it. Makes “popular” filter option kind of pointless.
And besides that I wish faving observations would get more love on iNaturalist. In my area hardly anybody ever faves anything, because it doesn’t make the “popular” observations any more visible.

It’s in the sort options here:

e.g. top-faved flower observations in Illinois


Oh, ok. Sorry. I feel stupid now :D

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Haha there are a lot of filters, so, easy to overlook!