Help with favorites

is there a tutorial on how to add/delete favorites?

I know how to add an observation before it is ID by clicking on the * favorite but that option disappears once the observation has been ID? Why is that?
Also how to add a favorite Taxon? can you add observations into the favorite taxon “folder”?
Finally how to delete any of the Favorites (taxon or observation)
Thanks for pointing me to that info!


I don’t know if there’s a tutorial, but here is how I mark an observation as a favorite or delete my favorite designation:

On the app (I’m on iPhone):

  1. Open the observation you want to fav or unfit.
  2. There are three tabs under the photo: Info (i), ID (…), and Fav (a star). Go to the Fav tab.
  3. The tab will tell you if it’s a fav or not. Click the star next to the text to change your decision


  1. Open the observation you want to fav or unfav.
  2. Look under the map showing the location for a small star with a label saying something about favorites.
  3. If the star is filled in, you have faved it (it will say that in text too). If it’s just an outline, you have not faved it and the text will invite you to. Click the star to change your selection.

I’ve never Faved a taxon. I know you can subscribe to a Taxon, as described here:


I kept Googling and found this info about Favorite Taxa. You can apparently do it with lists, although it’s not very elegant.


Thank you, very helpful!
But I see that some people have “favorite Taxa” in their profile page such as:
(user tiwane) This is what I was talking about and it seems different from a subscription to a taxa as I have created some but they don’t show as Favorite Taxa

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As @jbecky alluded to, if you go to your Lists page and add taxa to that list, those taxa will be added to your profile page. Add taxa to it by using this tool:

As to whether anyone looks at this part of a profile, I have no idea. I never remember to look for it when I see other users’ profiles.

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got it thanks!

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