Way to Search for observations faved by specific users?

In the tutorials for making an advanced search in inat, I can’t find a way to look for observations favourited by specific users and was curious if there was a way to do this? I’m mainly just curious because I’d like to see stats on my faves that are a bit more in-depth than what’s on the faves page just out of curiosity. Thanks in advance!

It’s in a format like this www.inaturalist.org/faves/(username) so for mine, it would be www.inaturalist.org/faves/minhkhang but I rarely fav stuff so don’t ask me why it’s so short :grinning:

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yeah i know that but i want to see it in the explore mode so i can see things like the list of theories and how many obs. of each species and be able to see a map of all the faves instead of just one page at a time.

Then idk

You can see them on a map from that view (kind of top left). But yes, I would like to be able to view favourites in something more like explore view, where you could filter them in various ways.

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if you want to make a lot of various stats on a set of faved observations, you might want to put them into a traditional project.

the only other way i can think of to work with that kind of set would involve at least a little bit of coding. the general process would be:

  • scrape the ids of the observations from the faves page
  • get observation details based on that list of ids (probably using the iNat API)
  • analyze your extracted set of observation details as you like
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yeah but the map only shows one page at a time so you can’t see every fave on the map which is kind of annoying

i thought about doing a project but i just feel like it would be a little bit annoying for everyone involved if i went about doing it that way.

I doubt anyone will notice your project unless you make an announcement about it, so don’t worry about annoying people.

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