"Add Observations" goes to old uploader on traditional projects - keep it this way?


Hey folks,

Trying to judge the community’s feelings on this. Currently, on a traditional project (eg https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/australasian-fishes) there’s a red “Add Observations” graphic on the banner and clicking on it will lead to our ancient uploader, set to add the observation to that project, eg https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/new?project_id=9358

I’m personally of a mind that the link to the old uploader shouldn’t be there, but I rarely use projects thus I’m not sure my opinion counts for much here. So I’d like to get opinions about the utility of the current set-up.

I don’t think we can have the “Add Observations” button on a traditional project take one to the current uploader and have that project selected, so that’s not an alternative.

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FWIW I prefer the new uploader. Ideally it would preselect the project if called from a project page, but if that’s not possible then oh well. I’d go out of my way to avoid the old uploader.



I’ve always found that button confusing. What I want to do when adding observations to a project is to go to my existing observations and select which ones I want to add, not to create new observations from scratch. So I’ve never used it. But perhaps the button makes more sense to others?



I do sometimes use the old uploader and more so use these tools:
So i do hope it stays though i don’t care if it is linked to the project page or not.
I also agree with Deboas’ comment

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I wouldn’t mind if it is gone as a link in projects!

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You would still be able to access it under the “Old observation form (deprecated)” on the web uploader, under “More import options”.

@deboas I believe I originally thought that as well, many moons ago.