How do I add other peoples observations to my project?

I recently made a project for grackles and while attempting to add peoples observations to the project the project I made wouldn’t show up under the add projects section. Does anyone know why this is? :{

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Is it an old-school project or one of the newer style? Newer style projects will automatically add all observations that fit the criteria.

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It’s a newer style project, that makes sense then because the projects I’m used to you have to manually add them. Those must be older style projects
Though I just checked again and a observation that fits the criteria that I ID’d did not get added to the project

I can’t help you much, but for people who could it would be useful if you could provide a link to your project and to an observation that you think should be included but wasn’t.

It looks like you do have a collection project that should just automatically add anything in the grackle genus. Keep in mind, if you look at a grackle observation, you’ll only see the icon for it being included in your project if the observer has joined your project. Otherwise, their grackle observation should be in there, but just won’t be marked individually.

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Ok that makes a lot more sense thank you very much :}

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