Add page numbers to top of page in Explore and Your Observations

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It would save a lot of time to have the page numbers at the top of the Explore page as well.

Feature request details:
I find I have to waste a lot of time scrolling down and waiting for items to load when I just want to get down to the page navigation. Say I know I want to go to the second page of observations in the results I was just exploring. When I pull them back up, I have to get to the very bottom of the page before I can navigate to the second page. It would be SO much faster if the page numbers were duplicated at the top.

I apologize if this has already been addressed before. I couldn’t find any posts about it.

We typically don’t approve requests for the Explore page (Your Observations is just Explore with some filters applied) but since I don’t think this would require any real new code, I approved it.

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Thanks! I went back and reread the Feature Requests guidelines after submitting my request and realized I had missed the part about the Explore page. :woman_facepalming:

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You can edit to Page 2 in the URL.

I frequently scroll down to see - how many more pages to ID for this URL. For me it would be good to have the numbers up top. Or at least the last page = 89 up top.


Yes please!

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We discussed this request and won’t be moving forward with it. I totally understand how it would be useful - it was mostly a design decision. URL editing can be used to go to other pages, if needed, although that might not be any faster than loading the full page.


Can I edit the URL to ‘last page’ ?
For now I use the filters to sort the other way - last first.

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