Add Red List status to species pages and observations

IUCN categories are provided on the headers of observations and species pages for some IUCN categories (EX, CR, EN, VU, NT) and not others (DD, DDD, DDT).

Can these be included please?: observations of these species are especially useful for resolving data deficiencies based on lost localities (DDD) and resolving taxonomical issues (DDT). These are often priority species for obtaining records within floras.

Are the DDD and DDT subcategories specific to South Africa? I wasn’t familiar with them and the best reference I could find was this one:


It looks like they are. I found a few other references to those categories, but they all are specific to South Africa.

I actually like that categorization as it gives some information as to why a particular species is considered Data Deficient (DD).

Be nice to see it applied more widely.