Is there a way to track those species recently upgraded to Research Grade but observed in past?

Our town is using data from all observation done in our town and keeping both an iNat project (thank you folks for this wonderful option) AND we are downloading extracts to keep in a town-based database.

As we all know - one can “observe” something in 2019 and in 2022 winter - it is reviewed by a knowledgeable person and they agree with your ID/observing it as the same species - thus it becomes “research grade”. In our town we focus first on research grade species, then pick through the rest as many things can’t go to “species” by just a picture and yet are valuable for us to know about.

My question is - is there a way to track NEWLY done research grade designations? Or a way to track newly identified by others since a certain date?? If we do a query Jan 1 2018 to Aug 20 2021 and then do another one Aug 21 2021 to Feb 6 2022. We will miss anything observed before 2021 that might have become confirmed or agreed upon. What do others do with this conundrum. It is hugely difficult in a large number of observations to do a comparison. Thanks!

How many observations are you working with? I’m not sure there’s a direct way to do this (such as by “Date Identified”), but there are probably some workarounds.

One way would be to review all the observations you are downloading. This can be done in bulk in Identify, but would still take some time if you are looking at tens of thousands of observations. Later you could filter for RG observations that you haven’t reviewed.

Note that this wouldn’t account for any observations that have had an updated ID since you reviewed them.

You can sort by Date Updated (at least in Identify and Explore) to find recently identified observations. I’m not sure if that’s close enough to what you’re looking for, but it seems to be the only related functionality on iNat.


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