Bug affecting match based auto-add for Umbrella Project


Firefox Version 128.0 (64-bit)

URL for observation in question:

URL for subscribed project (Auto-add for any matched taxon, including the 1 in question):

URL for Taxon RL Assessment (South African domain):

Step 1: I am subscribed to Redlist (s Afr) project [2nd URL], which is meant to auto add any observations with a matched taxon, which in this case should be this one [1st URL]

Step 2: This is an umbrella project which is supposed to include observation into sub-projects based on threat status (Endangered, Vulnerable, etc.). Neither of these 2 things have happened as can be seen in the screenshot

Step 3: A friend of mine has alerted me to this problem, so this may already be a known bug - I would just like to see if any other users are aware of it and what the timeframe is for a fix. The 3rd URL shows that this taxon is indeed given an official SA Redlist status which should be showing up on iNat

Many thanks

I’m a little confused. Which project is the Umbrella Project? The project you linked to

seems to be a Traditional Project.

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Hi cthawley

My apologies, that project is not actually the correct one, this is:

You will see once on the home page of that ^ project, that those ‘sub projects’ (South African Red List Plants and Animals: Endangered; Vulnerable; Near Threatened; etc…) are the ones that with this main one, are supposed to auto-add observations if they match with the listed taxa (think they have to be RG’d?)

I will edit my opening post

Please give me any info you can to assist with this. Like I said, a friend of mine (who I believe is one of the curators for the project) alerted me to this issue so it must be known by some folks by now, I just want to see if and how its being worked on

Thank you!

As Tony alluded to in a comment on the observation, the problem isn’t that the observation isn’t getting automatically collected into the project, the problem is that R. pilosa isn’t on the taxon list to be collected into the project. And it’s not on the list because there is a bug affecting projects with very large taxon lists. Some previous discussions here:


There were some attempts to address the issue, but it hasn’t been fully resolved.


Thank you! This is very helpful

I’m a bit concerned though as to whether this problem is still being looked into or whether as the last post in the first link suggested, one should try use API/ project duplicates and henceforth this issue is now seen as “resolved”.
That was December 2023, Tony reported this still being an issue to me a month or so ago, so I imagine the issue is still present?

Are you able to give any further updates?

By “bug” do you mean the inability to add a lot of requirements to a collection project? If so, that was never an issue that was “fixed” because projects were not designed to support hundreds and hundreds of requirements. Whether we should increase the timeout limit and support larger collection projects is something our devs would have to take a look at and see what’s feasible.

We have an issue to display a better error message than the current “undefined” one but it hasn’t been worked on yet. I re-opened this thread, which I had mistakenly marked as solved. Since this is an issue that doesn’t break iNaturalist and/or affect a lot of projects, it’s not prioritized very highly.

My understanding of the bug is that any edit to a project with a large taxon list has a chance to fail, not just additions to the taxon list. I kind of feel that if iNat allowed the creation of projects with long taxon lists, it should be able to support e.g. changing the project description or the banner, etc.


That’s a good point. I’ll have to talk with our devs to see what makes the most sense.

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