Add tags to journal posts

I use my Journal to record everything from book recommendations to link lists and of course, nature journaling.

But, as I write more and more posts I’m afraid it will become difficult to find older posts…unless, of course, I remember the year and month in which I composed them. In November 2025 I don’t know that I’ll recall posting the link to the guide on fuzzy oak galls in May 2020, ya know what I mean?

I think having an opportunity to tag journal entries would be useful. If I had an opportunity to use tags, I could use subject matter-themed tags to aid in my search. For example, the tag Guides or Galls will narrow down guide-related entries or gall-related entries.

Although I personally do not use the journal at all (mostly because I just don’t know what I would write down in it), I can definitely see this as being a very useful feature for people who like to keep things organised (like myself).


The journal is outdated and you may not be able to find out exactly what you published. I stay away from them at all times

Why do you believe it is outdated @ivanort may I ask?


The code around journals just hasn’t been updated in a while. Lots of people use journal posts and I don’t think they’re going anywhere, based on staff asking for community input on them within the past couple years.

Not sure what their comment is referring to.


Good! I appreciate the clarification. I think I have a pretty good idea how I intend to use mine…and now that I understand its limitations/visibility, I will move forward keeping those things in mind.


I just made a post relating to this topic (Adding a search bar to journals) but didn’t see this post. I personally agree and believe that adding a tag or keyword system to journal posts, along side a search bar, will be a very useful feature, allowing users to sort through their journal posts and for other users to find journal posts that they are actually interested in.


I agree, I don’t know much about outdate - but it uses markdown and that is very much “indated”

I like the simplicity mostly, just wish there was a GUI toolbar like for the forum posts.