Add the Ability for Projects to restrict included Taxa by number of observations

Platform(s), such as mobile, website, API, other: website

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Description of need: It would be incredibly useful to have an include and/or exclude by number feature in projects. This way, rather than compile an ever-changing list that may not include previously undocumented species, projects dedicated to rare or uncommon observations can filter more accurately. For example, I have created a project to ideally document species that are specifically uncommon or rare in a certain area (to help with local conservation efforts), and would like to be able to filter out the most commonly viewed species. Though this might have some issues pertaining to common endemic species, the include taxa option is for that. This would be a great help as I could avoid compiling a massive list of species, knowing full well one might be missed or be previously undocumented in the area.
Describe the iNaturalist community need that your requested feature addresses. Include screenshots, URLs, and other details to help us all understand the issue.

Feature request details: Projects would have an additional number reported filter by “Include Taxa” “Include Places” “Include Users” under Observation Requirements in the Editing Projects Page. This would allow you to filter only species with >(insert number here) sightings or <(insert number here) sightings.
In detail, describe the feature you are requesting. This includes its functionality, where the feature is implemented, and what it might look like. Screenshots or mock-ups are helpful. The idea is to have a concrete and actionable request which the community can discuss and vote on. It might change through discussion, but it’s much easier to iterate and talk about something specific.

I approved this and updated the title to make it a bit more clear.

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