Adding a bounding box location to a Project

I just started my first project and went through the FAQ for creating them and I don’t see how to make this a possibility, other than creating an entirely new place within iNat. I’m trying to create a small project that centralizes data of biodiversity of a single small track of land to use as references and support for gaining funding for a restoration project on the site.

I’d essentially like the project to look similar to this one - If you notice in this one, their are multiple locations included, but they all overlap and create a single bounding area of observations. How would I do this to my own project?

Here’s the project I created, which only has LA County as the location now as a placeholder. I live in Sherman Oaks, CA, USA (which isn’t even on the locations) and the area that I want to box in is hyperlinked here

Maybe what I’m trying to do is overly complex? I am essentially the only observer in that area, but I figured I’d use the project to reach out to others to come and help ID other things. Suggestions?

If you want a project to automatically add observations based on location, you will need to add a place requirement. If the place doesn’t exist, you will need to create it. Alternatively, you could manually add observations to a collection project, or if you are just looking for a link to send for IDs you can use this:

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