How Do You Add Observations to a Project?

So sorry for this elementary question, but I’ve created a new project called “Norman Woods BioBlitz” and I want to make sure the observations the group makes end up inside the project. Please help!

If the project is geographically defined, it might end up there. To add anything to other projects, join the project first, then you can add the observation to it after from the observation itself.

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Many thanks! Do you know if it’s possible to define the project in a geographical area smaller than my whole town. There’s a city block we’re focusing on, and I can’t narrow the geographical area smaller than the whole town.

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I’ve never started a project, hopefully someone else can answer?

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Here are the steps you’ll need:

  1. Use the Places tool (More–>Places on the main iNaturalist page) to make a polygon that is your target area. For a little block you will want to make the boundaries well outside the real boundaries (can explain why but trust me). Save the Place as a kml file.
  2. Go to your project and choose “Edit Project.” If it is already a Collection project, scroll down to where you can specify a range of dates, and make them match the BioBlitz. If it was not created as a Collection project, I would advise converting it (or just starting over with a Collection project). Also look for the “include places” blank and put in the name of the place you just made.

If you make it a date-specific Collection project, people won’t have to enter their observations. They will go in automatically.

Hope that helps!


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