Missing "Place" that was there last week

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Description of problem (please provide a set of steps we can use to replicate the issue, and make as many as you need.): I made a place ‘nat mountain’ years ago to encompass a mountain I do a lot of observations on. On Nov 23, 2023 it was still working fine, it would pop up as a place in the above screenshot window. Today, it is no longer showing and seems to be gone. As you can see even typing it word for word, will not make it show up. I had to make a bubble (see today’s uploads as ‘jackson county’, vs on Nov 23, the place Nat Mountain)

The place is still there. You can search for it from the places page.

I have never tried using an iNat place for submitting observations. I’m not even sure how that would work because places are polygons and observations are points. It looks like things may have recently changed with the uploader though.

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it looks like the iNat developers switched out the interface that they use for finding Google Places in the upload screen.

you can still find Nat mountain. it just won’t show up in the new dropdown list for whatever reason.

it’s possible this has to do with the way the new interface pre-filters for stuff depending on inputs (or location of the device?), and maybe the iNat staff can tweak those to produce different results. but if not, i’m guessing this is just the way the new interface works, and iNat staff would have little control over what it returns (short of switching back to the old interface).

that said, if you’re just using the same place all the time, then you can always pin the location, and then select it from your pinned location list in the future.


Thanks pisum; even uploading from within the place boundaries it doesn’t show up. So it isn’t a ‘nearby location’ sort of auto-selecting.

It also won’t even give me local cities anymore, which is frustrating. I ended up finally getting it to give me “huntsville, al” and then panned and zoomed from there. Woodville, Pleasant Groves (not grove-without-an-s by Birmingham) don’t show up either. So it’s weird that cities and towns have disappeared as well. Regular google maps still has those, but iNat’s google map does not.

I guess I’ll have to play with making a pinned location. Yay work-arounds!

Alabama, correct? If so, I can get those towns to appear, eg Woodville:

  1. I type in woodville al

  2. I select it and I get this:

Is that what you used to see, or did you see something different before for Woodville?

Blandair Regional Park in Howard County Maryland was in my locations two weeks ago and it is now missing. Typing word for word does NOT make it re-appear. The solution does not work because the iNat developers changed the interface. Does this mean many of my other frequently used places are missing from the location search now? Can they switch the interface back?

as with sungaramy’s Nat Mountain example, your place won’t appear in the autocomplete drop-down list, but if you type it in and press enter, the search box will still find the location:

as suggested earlier, if you use this location frequently, you should consider pinning it.


Patrick just made a tweak and this fixes it for me. I’m seeing “nat mountain” in the dropdown, and I made an obs (now deleted) using it.

Seeing Blandair now as well.

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Came here to say it’s fixed now, today using it, it shows again. Thanks for fixing it!

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