Adding a multi-image, rotating banner

How can I add a banner that rotates between different images as in the example of

Is this only a feature for umbrella projects?

My guess would be that they loaded an animated GIF rather than a static image.

It’s a way around the restrictions on video, but GIFs tend to be memory heavy, so it’s not something I recommend doing as iNat already has to struggle with memory issues on the servers.


For what it’s worth, it’s likely iNat will at some point covert all images to JPEGs. Animated GIFs have never been officially supported.


As just one observer, there is something about rotating banners on any website which I find very annoying. My banking institution has one; a couple of conservation organizations of which I am a member also use them, etc. I think as a decades-long avid birder, I find animated GIFs visually very distracting. If I’m on a web page looking for something or reading information, I don’t want my eye continually distracted by images changing frequently at the edge of my field of view. I’m just quirky that way.
If the images were part of a set that I could manually cycle through, that would be different; I’d be OK with that.


It is a GIF, there’s a URL close to the end of the source code that goes here to the image.

Like gcwarbler, I have to say I also find rotating banners very irritating. I occasionally look up a plant species that occurs in New England, and end up going to the “Go Botany” website, and am very irritated by their rotating banner: I now try to get any information about a plant species that occurs in New England, without going to their website. j_a_martin, I would advise against adding one. I also wouldn’t want to find any on the iNaturalist website.

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