Adding Banner to Collection Project

Is there some secret to adding a banner to your collection project? If ever I try I get a Failed to Fetch error. I’ve tried matching the recommended 760 X 320px and a number of other things but it won’t accept a .jpg or .png.

Collection projects usually are easier to id banners to with no problems, maybe your file still weights too much for it to upload? I try to cut as much as possible and downsizing it if it fails.

I’ve had the same issue for one of my projects too but have been too lazy to post about it, so thanks. I don’t think there’s a trick, I think it’s a bug, so we may want to have this moved to bug reports. I’ve tried everything you’ve mentioned too.

Can you please email the image to, and share a screenshot of what you seen when you try to add the image to the project?

It appears that sometimes it will throw the ‘Failed to Fetch’ error and claims to not save, however, I went back a day later and the banner was changed.

Should be fixed now.

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