Question--document or photo in Collection Project News section

I’m trying to help someone else with a project figure out how to make a document accessible to project members. Does the News section of a collection project allow either a document or a photo of a document to be incorporated into a News item? If so, is there an explanation of how to do this somewhere? Thank you.

Currently you have to host the document or photo elsewhere and provide a link to it. You can use HTML to embed a photo in journal posts (aka project news posts).

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Thank you, @bouteloua! Is there a place that explains how to embed a photo in a project news post?


More about using HTML to embed images here:

At some point we will/should get a “what you see is what you get” editor like we have here on Discourse, which should make sharing images easier.

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Thank you again, @bouteloua.

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Thanks for posting this, @bouteloua! I’m getting a little broken image icon when I use this html tag. Are there any other tricks to using it in an iNat journal?

Can you share the code you’re using or the journal post URL?

Figured out half the problem. I had been copying the link from someplace that was adding characters I couldn’t see to the tag. This solved my embedding problem. I am still having an issue with the broken icon in Chrome, but others using Chrome can see the image, so this is a setting issue on my end most likely.


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I have written a basic how-to for adding images to posts here - Adding photos to posts.

You can also add tables and whatnot, but then you need to know your html. My illustrated key in a table for Southern African caterpillars with flattened spines is an example.

Thank you this is very helpful!

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