Adding more than one organism per observation

Sometimes there are more than one organisms in an identification. Sometimes a male and female or a juvenile and adult. Shouldn’t we be able to have the option for both in an identification.


Not available because under site guidelines for what constitues an observation each record submitted is for one and only one individual organism ’ An observation records an encounter with an individual organism at a particular time and location.

Thus even if your photo shows a male and a female, or is a flock of 100 birds, the record itself actually documents one single individual.

Not the way some people would prefer it be entered, but that is the site guideline.


I’ve noticed that some people will use the same photo and duplicate it and create another observation to document the different animal, plant, etc. Like a bee, and a different observation with the same photo for the flower.


If there are other organisms in the photo you can always identify them using a comment, just not an official identification.


Yes, it’s allowed to have multiple separate observations that each use the same photo (one observation for the bug, one for the plant the bug is on, etc). Some people even use observation fields to tie them together.

Only one species can be the community ID attached to an observation though, which is why they must be separate (if half the users ID the plant, and half ID the bug, then the observation gets stuck at “Life” for community ID, and we have long unresolved comment chains where we try to determine what the observer’s intent was. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )


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