Placeholder? Tags?

When I added an observation for a species and typed in the species name like I did here ), The name disappears and “Unknown” replaces it with the name beside it greyed out.

This is a valid species and has been identified by an expert and has also been recognized at which I indicate. What is wrong here?

In reading directions it mentions adding a “TAG” to get the attention of help, but the tags don’t seem to apply. What should I do fix this ID.

Add a flag at, to have the species added.

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I will add it for you. As Marina says, you can raise a flag to get a taxon added. Usually in a case like this you would flag the genus (this page half way down on the right in the dropdown marked ‘curation’)


@glenbug please could you provide a reference for the taxon or check the spelling? The closest thing I can find in an independant source is Teretrius (Neotepetrius) obliquulus (J. L. LeConte, 1857) (We are meant to give a reference when adding a taxon)


I see it’s all sorted now. Welcome to iNat @glenbug and T. obliquulus :)

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