Missing Taxa of some Genus/species

Hello Everyone !

While posting new observations, I noticed some missing taxa. I could not find “external sources names” directly on INaturalist. But here are the observations in question :

I hope I put my thread in the good category. I am sorry if I did any mistake(s) !

With my Best Wishes for 2022 !!
Marie Lou Legrand (aka Renko)

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Simple. Search for evidence of existence, flag it (attach evidence of existence to it), then wait.

i. e. a external authority or a publication that describes/mention it.

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You need to add flag to parent taxon, curators will add them.


Thanks you so much for your replies !

I am not sure how to add a flag on a missing taxon ?

Edit : Do I have to “signal it as non appropriate” ? (with the flag icon ?)

Have left comments on your obs as that Curation happens within iNat, not here on the Forum

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Thanks you !
I think I have succesfully flag both taxon
(hope I did everything ok !)

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Not the missing taxon but the parent of the missing taxon should be flagged.

Closing to focus on iNat flags