Aerial yellowjacket nest-building behavior

A few days ago I discovered a medium-sized D. arenaria nest on the inside of our garden fence right next to a big patch of broccoli and onions. Well, technically, they discovered me first; the nest was so well concealed and unobtrusive that it wasn’t the nest I noticed, it was the two stings I got while whapping the nest with a bunch of weeds I had pulled. I have to say, those are some pretty well-mannered wasps. They made their point and went right back to their wasp business.

Anyway, I finally decided the nest really has to go; I can’t abandon that section of the garden. So last night I went out with a bag, removed the nest, and put it out near the pasture. It was surprisingly easy, and with little drama.

I wish I had removed the nest earlier. This late in the season, is there any hope that the queen will establish a new nest? We’re out in the country, there are plenty of great nesting spots that don’t interfere with my dinner.

I did a web search, but the only information readily available is how to pay someone to kill them. I thought someone here might have either formal or anecdotal information about mid-season nesting behavior after loss of a nest…

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