After the swap, some observations are left under an inactive taxon

I have commited this swap:,

and most observations were moved accordingly, but four observations are left:

Why this happened? Can it be doctored?



The observer probably opted out of automatic taxon changes. It’s an account setting:


Thanks. This user is (or will be) notified?

I believe it shows up on their dashboard and tells them they can update their records. I’m not sure whether or not a notification (red icon in top right) is created. Adding IDs to their observations will also help fix it.


Right now there are only three observations. So the user may be updating.

In such a case, where there are only four, it may be worth directly messaging observers that have opted out, say in a week, to let them know.

Is this the same thing that happened here? I’m confused about those Hesperocyparis stephensonii IDs.

that’s a strange one. The genus Hesperocyparis was merged into Cupressus in 2019 (2 years after those IDs), but there is no associated taxon change for that species:

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