Slow updates to a recent taxon change

I think I see the same problem with Neotropic Cormorant which just had a taxonomic swap to a different genus. Almost all my Research Grade records for that species are back to “needs ID” as the genus change did not automatically update species IDs in the records.

Maybe. That’s a very large swap, though, so sometimes things take a while. I’d wait a few days and see if things go through. Also, the output taxon is active, which wasn’t the case for the swap I linked to. Here are the current numbers I’m seeing:


Thanks, I bet you’re right. I haven’t previously noticed a delay in accomplishing a swap.

Looks like observations are gradually transferring over, so things should get finalized in a few hours.


For some reason, there are 189 observations that still have not transferred over (stable for the last 24 hours or so)… here’s one example

It’s down to 179 now. That observation looks like it went through.

Looks like a reindexing error - I “refreshed” several other stuck observations by adding a thumbs up to an item in the Data Quality Assessment and the observation label changed.


Just a note that I split this off to its own topic since it appears it’s not actually related to that bug report.


That happened with recent Sylvia split, probably there’re still observations at needs id, because 2 swapped ids for some reason index as not enough for RG for many dozens of observations I saw.

hi folks - these aren’t broken but they are just slowly grinding away. That said there may be some broken things that happen with huge changes like this that we haven’t caught yet.

I think the next step is for us to test some of these giant changes in our staging environment and try to confirm that nothing is breaking and get a better sense what kind of lifecycle these things go through as they slowly grind away.

But I’d recommend not making taxon changes that have more than 10k observations on the input until we minimally understand and ideally improve whats going on here


I saw unwoeking Sylva ids yesterday, over a month after swap was done, so will those ever change on their own?

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