Age of children/teenagers to upload an observation to iNaturalist

Hi, I am helping to run a student BioBlitz in Australia and would like to know how old students need to be to upload images to iNaturalist. Hoping someone can direct me to the right information.
Thanks, Judy


from :

The Platform and Services are available only to individuals who are at least 13 years old, unless parental permission has been obtained.


thanks. Much appreciated.

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Basically, if the child is under 13, the parent or guardian of the child needs to create the child’s account via this method.

Here’s the applicable section in the Privacy Policy.

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I would suggest that the age of being part of the iNaturalist-community is fixed with fourteen years with no exception. That is the age by law tenagers can take formal responsibility, and usually are aware of consequences for their deeds.

Furthermore, they of course can upload pictures which they have taken before their 14th birthday!

You can read more about why the age is set at 13 here:'s_Online_Privacy_Protection_Act


Well, you have to protect kids under the age of 13, but I doubt that you are not allowed to maintain a higher age, perhaps 14.

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