Using iNaturalist API to search observers by account age

I understand I can search observers by their account age through iNaturalist URL (, but the max results is 500 and I can’t see any beyond this number. Is there a way I can do so through iNaturalist API so that I can get the full results?

Thank you.

i understand why someone would want to search for observations by new users. why would you want to create a list of new users?

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apologies, I meant to search observers by account age so I can have access to their observations

Are you looking for a list of observers or a list of observations?

If you want observations created by accounts of a certain age, the parameters are user_after and user_before. So is observations made by accounts that are between 4 and 8 weeks old. This paginates in the normal way using per_page and page, e.g.


Thanks. Do you know how to extract needed information from the output (e.g. extract user_id, date, location)?

aren’t you working on some sort of class project? seems like you should be figuring some of this stuff out on your own, right?

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