Create a Project for students

I want to have a project just for my students to access. Due to being at home I would like them to upload their pictures to me. Can I do that in iNaturalist? Or should I have them do the observations another way. I tried to set it up and had 102 random people join. Please help.

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Depending on what kind of project you set up, the people ‘joining’ may simply be the project automatically collecting their observations. If you created a collection type project, then by default, all observations that meet the geographic or other criteria in the project will be collected. You can set it up to only collect records from users you wish by editing the project.

In terms of students doing their own uploads, it depends on how old your students are. Under iNaturalist terms of use, you need to be at least 13 to open an account.


Assuming your students are at least 13, there is a tutorial you may find helpful.


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