Albino plants group

Is there an albino plants project? Can’t find it

I’m not sure if there’s a specific plant project.


It doesn’t look like there is. You could always create one yourself.

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Technically, I believe this might fit the description. I’m not sure how “normal” plants that were truly albino would be able to survive lacking pigment, considering that is how they make their food.

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This Wikipedia page on albino redwoods has some intriguing theories on how albino redwoods survive without such chlorophyll pigment.

Very interesting, and similar to how other parasitic plants without pigmentation survive in some ways. I hadn’t heard about the albino redwoods, though!

Those albino Redwoods survive because they are branches off normal trees. The parent tree has chlorophyll and transfers food to the attached white shoot.

The aberrants project above was first created for “white form” plants. It was extended to cover similar cases in birds, mammals and so on.

Yes, that’s so. Normal Redwood offspring typically grow as offshoots of the parent tree; and they often grow as linked groups. I think it is interesting that some research suggests the albino offspring are not necessarily parasites taking nourishment from the parent trees, but may provide benefits back to the parent trees.

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