Can you create a project for certain people that obtain observations from light traps?

I work for an environmental non-profit and we have a bunch of Americorps members that I want to show how to use iNaturalist, but by having them check the light trap outside our office every morning to see what insects are on there.

Can I create a project list for that purpose and log observations that were collected by using a light trap (sheet/black light/uva/uvb)?


I believe a couple of light trap projects already exist, but I can’t seem to find a broad overarching one. I thought I had joined it, but I can’t find it now.

Or are you wanting a project for only your americorps volunteers and your observations? That is also possible and you can restrict the project to invite only.

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I don’t see any reason why you wouldn’t be able to create such a project, if you want/need a project – create one, it’s an easy way to decide.)


Yes, I would prefer if only they could add to the project. But it is okay to create a private project and use a light trap to record observations? …they would just need to check captive/cultivated, right?

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No, they won’t be, they’re totally wild. And it’s a normal practice for iNat as part of entomology world.


In case you have some moth in a cage e.g. for breeding … or in case you have a moth on a leash as a pet (which would be rather unusual), In these two cases your moth observation would be considered captive. If you record a moth that broke out of your breeding container a minute ago, this would also be considered captive. These observations would not contain any proof for wild individuals in your area.

Any wild animal, even if it voluntarily moves to a bird bath, a feeder or to another attractant (including hormone- and light traps) is still considered wild. These observations are proof of wild individuals in the area.

Have fun with your project!


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