All screenshots are identified at first as Alle sp

I usually upload my observation via screenshot on the website (on Chrome or Safari) because because converting my RAW pictures to JPG for uploading is quite time-consuming.

However, I’ve encountered a minor issue since adopting this method: all my observations are automatically identified as Alle sp.
It is not really a problem and it is easily fixable on the website by selecting all observation and clearing the species field.

Thank you for the help

Ps: since I started to use this method and have this little problem, I only want to go North to see a Alle sp. and put it automatically on iNat.

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Do your screenshots all have the same particular word or letter string in the file name?


Thank you very much!
Yes, they are named “Schermata 202… .png”

I just tried a little experiment, I took two original pictures and two screenshots and I uploaded them.
Picture 2 and 4 are original JPG and 1 and 4 are screenshots. I changed the names of picture 3 and 4 to test if it was the name that was changing the id, and yes, it is the name!

Schermata 2024-04-10 alle 13.38.21

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The uploader will try to autofill the ID field based on file name, tags etc. Sometimes this is very helpful and a time saver, eg if you name your photos based on species names, whilst other times it can produced unexpected/unwanted results like here


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