Allow adjusting locations from the map view in Edit observations

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Description of need:
Sometimes I have a need to move/adjust the location of already added observations. If I want to move the location of a single observation → I go to Edit, and move the pin on its map. The problem occurs when I want to move the location of multiple observations, because changing them individually is just too time-consuming, and existing Batch edit options works only if I want to move each observation to the EXACT SAME spot. Therefore, I often feel that it would be great to be able to adjust the locations by moving the pins on the map on the “Edit Observations” page.

This is the map that I currently see on the “Edit Observations” page:

And this is an example of result that I want to achieve with those pins (move some of them to the path, as they are inaccurate and I know that I was taking the pictures from the path - map becomes much clearer when it comes to hundreds of observations nearby):

Feature request details:
So I feel that it would be great to be able to move the pins on this map freely to adjust locations of multiple observations. My suggestion is to make it possible to drag and drop the existing pins when holding some key (ctrl/shift for instance) or after choosing some “Edit mode” from a button around/on the map. Then it could work like this:

  1. Press and hold Ctrl
  2. Drag one pin and drop it where wanted
  3. Drag 2nd, 3rd etc. pin and drop them where wanted
  4. If you want to move/zoom the map → release Ctrl (press again when want to continue)
  5. When you’re done editing → press Save or Cancel

With this feature we could easily adjust the locations of dozens of observations in a minute, one after another. We would have much more control of our content, and we would be able to organize it with the best precision while very fast. Maybe it would also encourage some of us to tidy up their observations from time to time, while not worrying about wasting their time… :)

Thank you!

I approved this but I suspect we won’t be doing much on that page unless it’s rewritten, it’s a very old page.

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