Editing location on the website?

I’m trying to edit the location for an observation that I entered wrongly (website version).

Open the observation, at the top right is a blue coloured button marked Edit, hit it.

There is a map showing where it is currently placed, if you know the exact coordinates you want to enter, under the location name is a little edit link, use that and enter them.

Otherwise use the map below, zoom to the location you want it placed at, click once on the map to move the marker.

The save button is at the bottom of the page.


Thank you.

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Hi there, very helpful, I also wondered if is it possible to change the location for several observations in one go (website version)? Thanks

Yes it is, you need to click on your profile button and there is a drop down where one of the options is edit observations (i think that is the text i am doing from memory), find and select the records go to edit selected and do it there