Allow an observation's membership in a certain project to be hidden on observation page


I created a collection project that I’d rather not advertise on my observation pages. I could leave the project, but then I expect I would no longer be it’s admin and the project would cease to exist. I just want to make it not show up, as if I wasn’t a member. I could just create another account for the sole purpose of administering the list, but I’d rather not.


  1. Does the user not have a right to know which projects their observations feature in?
  2. Does the user not have to join the project for the project o show on their observations?

Why dont you rather just create a filter and bookmark it, rather than a project and then need extra code written for a rather unusual situation?

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Collection projects ARE more or less filters, with journals attached.

I don’t see a compelling reason to hide projects. why did you want to hide your curated bryophyte list? I have a similar one for plants and no one has ever bugged me to get on or off the list, though some may have wondered why i was focusing on them especially when the list of users was smaller.

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The point though of using a filter is that it is “hidden”. And you can still share the filter url with anyone that you wish to work with on the the same data set. I sometimes wonder if a lot of projects are just people who just dont know about filters or are too lazy to use them.

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They might be called projects, but they are just filters and that’s how I intend to use them. They have advantages in my case over simply sharing a url: I can make changes to the filter without having to send an updated url to everyone I share it with, and I can make other people admins so they can add more users to the list. I could get this same functionality by creating my own webpage that redirects to the current filter url and that has a backend in place to allow people to edit it, but it would be much easier just to do it all directly on iNaturalist.

Right now iNat already lets you decide whether you want to hide an observation’s membership in a project, but it does so only by checking whether you are a member of the project or not. It doesn’t sound like it would be much of a stretch to add an option to each project you are a member of that asks if you want it to be displayed on your observations or not.

My reason for wanting to hide it is actually because it makes me feel a bit embarrassed to have all my observations, no matter how rinky dink, proudly proclaim they are part some curated list of quality bryophyte observations. Perhaps I could have chosen a less pretentious name… A more important reason I can see being a problem for some people is if they create a whole bunch of projects for themselves and now each of their observations is flooded with a list of 40 projects it is part of, which would obscure any real projects they are added to. Isn’t that the very reason iNat already hides project membership unless you join the project?



I can’t see this being a very high demand feature if added, and is probably more easily achieved by creating a seperate account to manage that project, as you suggested yourself. Also, I’m sure the “embarrassment” will diminish with time… I used to be very self-conscious in regards to my photos on observations, but that has diminished greatly…

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