How to temporarily filter results to show observations made by project members only?

I’m admin on a project that has 150+ members joined.
I’m trying to find a way for me to temporarily see only the observations made by project members.
I dont want to have to add all 150+ member’s usernames to the criteria specification on the project, as I want to also be able to see all results that meet the geographical criteria, irrelevent if those people have joined the project or not.

Is there a way to temporarily filter results to ONLY show observations made by members of that group?


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can you please add a link to the project, and let us know what you’re trying to achieve specifically? That may help us find a solution for you :)

fundamentally, i think the key to what you’re trying to do might getting a list of project members. see: that post mentions a tool by @kildor which may help with this; however, i just tried it and it may have problems returning results when you use the page in English instead of Russian, or when your project has a lot of members. you should still be able to get things via the API though.

once you have a list of members, you can just filter by them using a comma-separated-list of user IDs. here’s an example of that:,pisum. it should be noted that that there’s probably an upper limit to how many user IDs you can filter for this way, but it’s probably something like 500+.

If I understand you right, you can add &members_of_project= followed by the project id to the end of the URL on the Explore page, e.g. which shows observations in the project EuroBioblitz 2021 observed by people who joined the project.

You can find the project id by adding .json to the end of the project URL, e.g. (111151 in this case).

More search tips at


Thank you both for your suggestions
Bouteloua; you smashed it. Thats exactly what I needed. Really helpful, thank you so much!


Thanks for noticing. I was able to repeat and fixed the crash. The problem was connected to pluralisation of “{1} users”, not to count of the members.

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