Allow option to batch edit time by +/- a number of hours

Platform(s): Website


Description of need:
Photos often have incorrect time annotations due to technical errors or mistakes. E.g. I am currently uploading old photos from my phone and noticed that my already-uploaded DSLR photos from the same day are all an hour off; I must have forgotten to adjust its settings after a Daylight Savings Time change. This happens to me every year but I doubt I’ll change them if I have to edit each observation one at a time, and they’re only 1 hour off.
Similar issue here:

Feature request details:
Add a menu option to add or subtract a certain amount of hours from the times of all selected images.

I imagine it being under the date/timezone options:

Here is an example menu from GeoSetter of what it might look like:

I could also imagine just a textbox that allows a format like -1:00 hours.

(I know this was a part of this closed request, but that request involved a bunch of other changes so I figured just this part was worth a shot.)

I would certainly like this feature, These days I (usually) do remember but in the past I have frequently forgotten to change the time on my camera. Leaving from Australia this means that many of my images are time stamped for the middle of the night! I usually put a comment “Time stamp -10 hrs” but it would be useful to be able to actually correct the time.