Separate Date, Time and Timezone Fields

I have suggested this before but I would like to see date, time and timezone split into 3 fields, rather than 1 text field + 1 redundant field as it is right now. Batch editing observations with the current format is impossible for a number of reasons, either iNat not knowing how to modify the fields, or the option lacking entirely (e.g. batch changing time of sighting from 4:05 to 5:05).

The issue is most apparent when, I have the wrong timezone attached, if I use batch edit to fix this it doesn’t actually apply it properly to the observation: image

Here I tried to replace the PST timezone with the correct one – it says it has applied it, but in the field, it still says “PST”. The issue is because for some reason iNat has two different timezone fields existing simultaneously, the drop-down box, and then as a text option in the time field. It doesn’t know how to react to having two timezones given at once, and ends up having both at once.

The text field for all 3 variables at once, in addition to a second field that also works for timezone, is a mess and I don’t think it needs to remain. Ideally they need to be split into 3 exclusive fields.

maybe something to consider along with any fixes for this problem:

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I’m going to close this topic as it’s not a change we’ll be making.