Alternative to iNat Twitter feed with free API access?

A week ago, the third-party site that formerly served up iNaturalist tweets to the iNat Discord community via a free RSS to twitter bridge API stopped working. Many of us who are not interested in being on the social media platform formerly known as Twitter are nevertheless interested in the content iNat posts to it. Is iNat interested in providing an alternative?

Some months ago I described the problem and my workaround using that bridge ( here:


with as many people are in the Discord community, couldn’t you just nominate one or two people to check the feeds occasionally and repost the information? it’s not automated exactly – although i guess you could sort of automate that process – but i don’t think it should be ruled out as a viable alternative.


As a last resort, only. Very likely the community will just miss out on the posts. Members can share them ad hoc in the main channels instead. I don’t want to burden anyone with that as a daily chore.

Perhaps the iNaturalist folks could be convinced to post their content to Mastodon, or some other open feed? I’m off Twitter now too, but at one point there were tools that made it easy to post to both networks.

(it’s time to drop Twitter entirely in favour of Mastodon/ActivityPub etc in my view, but that’s another discussion)


I’d love it if iNat would do that. However, it would very likely need to be a thing they do manually. Crossposting to Mastodon and Twitter was possible before, but as mentioned in this reddit thread many of those have now been shut down, likely for the same reason:

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