iNaturalist Bluesky feed

After several years of tweeting, I am leaving Twitter X and found a new home in Bluesky. That is probably the case of some people around here.

I created a Bluesky feed for those posts that include an image and link or mention to iNaturalist.

You can find it here, and suggestions are readily welcome.


Does not work, it asks to sign in

Currently, you need to be a member of Bluesky to view anything on it. That will probably change at some point, but right now, this will only be relevant to people who are on Bluesky

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Oh, it’s just a copy of twitterX, then :sweat_smile:
(save for the fact that even non-members can view tweets if provided with a link)


The libre network Mastodon already has a nice community of researchers and naturalists as well. I enjoy following this automated account there:


Mastodon has an active naturalist (and iNaturalist) community. Pros and cons for every social media platforms, but here’s not the place to discuss those–plenty of that elsewhere.
Hashtag links for some examples of relevant posts:

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Thanks for the links - Mastodon is excellent, but I hate the white text on black of so many accounts. Hard to read.

In the settings, you can change your preference to black text on light background. It’s not individual accounts, it’s the preferences that you set on your end.


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