An odd quirk of the android app

I have noticed that when I open the Android app, it does not load updates until I upload a new observation. So for example, my most recent upload was via my desktop, uploaded two days ago and has since reached Research Grade. Whereas today when I opened the app, that observation does not show in the list of observations at all; in both list view and grid view, I can only see up to the time of my most recent upload via the app. Here are the screenshots:

Desktop website:

Android app:

Now, I know that as soon as I use the app to upload an observation, the list will update and the Salal observation will then show between the Green Falsejingle and whatever I upload next. At that time, the gray icons will also turn pink to show new IDs and comments since the last upload. But why? I am assuming that this is not a bug but has something to do with the way the app works. Is there a reason why it does not update with website uploads until the next app upload?

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in the app, just reload the list by dragging down on the list and releasing.


Don’t know anything about the why… but you can pull down the screen at the topmost observation. Then a turning circle will appear and then your observations are updated. I do this all the time, because I only upload via the website but do want to see updates for example in the bed in the morning. :-)

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Looks good, only updates if you request for it. I should not want to have my mobile data wasted on stuff like updates.


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