Float observations to upload to the top of the list on app

I have to scroll down to view the other observations remaining to be uploaded. If I added a big batch via desktop it can be a lot of scrolling to find the unuploaded observations on mobile.

Should include those that have been uploaded to the site but were updated on the app.

Doesn’t a pull-down refresh upload all observations that need uploading? Or do you want to retain individual control over the observations before upload?

Yeah I wanted to add IDs before releasing them in the wild. Pulling down to refresh doesn’t change the sort order.

Got it, thanks. The feature request makes sense (now where did all my votes go?).

Yes, please implement this.
Sometimes the app just tells me that one observation can be updated, but I cannot find out which one, because it is somewhere deep down in the list.

Coming back to this older topic, I would still very much appreciate that the suggested feature request is implemented.
Lately I had the issue that I had to scroll down almost 1,000 observations until I discovered the first one that needed to be synced. I don’t know why these observations got updated and which parameters changed. So to be safe I de-installed the app. Please show these always at the top of the list

Still happening, still annoying. Some of my observations will be updated, I don’t know which ones - they are not within the first 500 observations.
Unless something changes, I will continue to post here and repeat the suggestion mentioned in the title: float the observations to be updated on top of the screen