Andreas Kay has died

I see on twitter that Andreas Kay has died in Quito, after a brain tumor. His posts here, and on Flickr (Ecuador megadiverso) and YouTube, have taken my breath away many times; a truly masterful photographer of Ecuador’s amazing little creatures. If you missed him while he was alive, check them out now. A great loss for iNat and for Ecuador and for posterity.


Rest in peace


He left an enormous legacy. He moved to one of the best biodiversity spots in the world to fulfill his passion for entomology


Provide some links…Nice PHD research and amazing photos


That is very sad.
This is my favourite video:
Bunny Harvestman preparing for a new day

more videos here:

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It’s a pity most of his observations were not posted on iNaturalist.

So sad to hear this. This year marks my 10th year of posting botany photos on Flickr (the best place for for photo display in my opinion), and I’ve greatly admired his wonderful photos, as well as his incredible devotion to the biota of Andean South America all that time. I’m hoping he or someone close to him arranged for permanent display and archiving of his work on Flickr and elsewhere.

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