Android App Asking Where to import photos

I used to tap the + button to add observations and iNat would open photos from “Files”. Now it asks where I would like to add the photos from, adding an extra step to every observation. Is there a way to set it to always be from Files?

Android iNaturalist v 1.29.18


I also now have this issue

No, there isn’t. Basically what happened is that Google is not allowing the new default Android photo picker to import location data when you import a photo, despite us and many other apps telling them how vital this functionality is.

So we’re forcing the app to use the older photo picker, but that picker can no longer access things like Google Photos. We had to add this initial option to allow users to access the various places their photos might be stored.

See more at

One workaround is to go to the photos (eg “Files” in your case, @tayloredtaylor) and share them from Files to iNaturalist.


Ah thanks for the explanation @tiwane

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