How to import photos to iNaturalist app from iPhone photo gallery

Does this work on an iphone ? I wish it would…

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does it not work? i don’t have an iPhone, but as far as i know, you should be able to share a photo to the iNat app just like you can on an Android phone.

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Doe anyone can provide an answer ? I have never had this opportunity. WHom to ask if this is possible on an iphone SE 2020 ?

I have an iPhone 13 and I routinely take photos with it and then later use the iNat app to upload those saved pictures. It allows me to better review and edit the pics before submitting. You do lose the location coordinates if you’re not doing all that at the same spot.


Agree. I use the iPhone app as well. I rarely use the iNat app in the field. I take photos and then view all of them when I am back home and upload them via the app.


My question is it possible to send the selected photo from the gallery app direct in to the inat app without th need to start the iNat iphone app. The problem is the huge amount of time it takes to select biodiversity photos i want to upload betwee the 5.000 photos in my gallery. Sending the pic directly frm the photo gallery app into iNat would save a lot of scrolling and makes better selection of photos much easier en quicker and possible to crop them . Cropping is not possible in the inat app (or just the selection of the phone one wants to uplaod to inat ).

Is it possible to share the photos from the gallery app to iNat on an iPhone SE 2020

Not all biodiversity apps for Android support sharing from photo’s from the gallery. I guess developers from Android apps have to add this to the implementation that sharing from the Gallery is supported…

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As far as I know, you have to upload pics from your photo gallery into an iNat record one at a time. I don’t think there’s any ability to transfer multiple photos off your iPhone into multiple separate iNat records. But I don’t use my iPhone for lots of iNat records.

I don’t think that is possible. If you have your iPhone photos backed up to a file on a computer (maybe even a web based file location???), you might be able to upload more quickly via the website.
That’s not a workflow I use, so I can’t speak to what is possible or time saving.


Yeah, if you could dump your iPhone photos onto a computer, that would be easier. Then you could just use the iNat web platform instead of the app. My iPhone photos get automatically backed up to my Flickr account which can make it easier to review and edit them and I often upload to iNat from that site.

This is what I do, and upload via the web interface. It’s much more efficient than using the iNaturalist app, so much so that I rarely use the app any more.


I’ll have to try this out myself. I use an iPhone 8 and primarily upload via the app.

I’m new at all this, but my workflow is:

Two photo sources - iPhone 11Pro and Nikon D500 getting GPS coordinates into images via Snapbridge.

iPhone images into iNaturalist via MacBook - Open Apple Photos, set window to 1/2 screen. Open iNaturalist in Safari, set window to other 1/2 of screen. Scroll Photos in first window, select one, edit it (usually cropping). Then go to iNaturalist window, choose upload (geen button). Then drag image from first window (Photos) to second window (iNaturalist Upload in Safari). Repeat if I want multiple images in same observation. Takes five times as long to write description as it does to move images!


Depending on which iOS and setting, your iPhone photos may automatically populate the Pictures app on the computer.

It doesn’t work for the iNat iOS/iPadOS apps. You can only import photos from within the app.


Afteruploading i removed them

Thank you. Is there a reason why you can not send them from the gallery to the iNat app? I presume it is much faster and you can better judge the photo qualtiy and you are also able to cut, crop the image.

My understanding is that it’s more difficult to do in iOS than in Android (or at least was, when the app was developed), and at this point we’re not developing the current apps any further and focusing on the upcoming app.

But yes, I agree it would be great to support this.

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Well, if this is possible in the current app, i do not need anotherone!

If I have this question right, is the issue with location not being imported over?

So not sure if I’m on track but I was talking to another iNatter the other day and they mentioned that the default setting with iPhone can be problematic as far as location is concerned. One has to go into the setting and allow location to be shared. So when he is helping anyone with an iPhone, that is one of the first things he checks on. Shortly after I was reminded that this was an issue that the Wild Orchid Watch tech team found with iPhone and somehow they were able to override this.

This is not an issue I have had with Android.