Location Data for Observations Uploaded from Photos

I want to move multiple observations from photos, but Inat never imports the location data associated with each photo. I have to go into each observation, or multiple observations, and add it myself.

How do I get it automatically imported?

I’d recommend looking at this thread: https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/66


Many thanks!!

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The workflow outlined in the thread above is easy enough to understand, but involves a great many steps. What I don’t understand is this: when I do an observation in the INat app, it automatically shows the date, time, and location. When I take a picture with my Iphone camera it does the same. But Inat only imports the date and time, NOT the location data.

Since the location data are already associated with the picture, why can’t INat just import it alongside the date and time info?

The problem with doing observations using the app is that it is slow. If you want to catch a bird in flight, or take multiple pictures of an organism, the camera app on the phone is far better. If i could just import the location data from Photos, I’d have the best of both worlds.

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If you’re taking a photo with an actual camera, the location isn’t automatically saved, and you have to do it manually with the steps outlined in the thread. If you take a photo with your phone, the location should be saved, as long as you have your location service on.

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Can you provide some more details? Are you importing via the web uploader or the iOS app? If the app, what version? Are your photos HEIC, jpg, or some other file type?

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