Android app has crashed twice

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Platform (Android):

App version number, 1.25.12 (527)

My app has been corrupted somehow. I deleted it and reinstalled but problem returned.

I take a photo, click OK, and it stays in camera mode, no way to process the observation. Same thing for a sound recording, just stays in recorder mode. Must restart phone to get out of it, then the OB is lost.

After reloading the app it worked for a few days but it would upload an OB as soon as I made it, not waiting for me to edit the pic or choose a species. Now it is back to square one, totally nonfunctional. I don’t know what to do next or what additional info I might be able to submit.

if you haven’t already, you should probably generate log files from the App, and send them to iNat staff. here’s another post that includes instructions on generating the log files:

Thanks Pisum, I didn’t know about the log files. I have sent in the data for the past couple weeks, which should cover several of the malfunctions, then I cleared the log file to restart with a clean slate. I made one ob today and that processed normally. I’ll watch it closely for awhile.

I used the link above to learn about sending the log file. It contains one error: referring to the Settings tab instead of the About tab. I solved the other issue noted in my initial post — posting obs instantly instead of waiting. That is a setting that must have been changed when I reinstalled the app.

Our crash logs store reports by device - which device are you using?