Crashes, automatic application closures and failure to create observations

Platform : Android

App version number : 1.29.11

Screenshots :

Description of problem : Again I’m having problems with the iNaturalist app, the observation images are not loading from recent observations. I can no longer publish observations because this warning appears to close the application as shown in the screenshot. I can’t identify other people’s observations because it closes automatically, I don’t see the memory problem I had before, where the application was very heavy.

I’ve already deleted the cache, uninstalled and reinstalled the app, disabled the app’s automatic synchronization and it’s still the same.

I apologize for the inconvenience. I’m going to test iNaturalist on an older and newer cell phone than mine and see if it gives the same problem.

Which device are you using? Our crash logs record by device, so knowing which one you’re using makes it easier to find the crashes in our logs.

Sorry, it’s a LG K41S (LM-K410BMW). It is on version 10, but has a pending update.

I will update the Android version as soon as possible.

Thanks. I think this is a known bug we’re working on, which only happens on some versions of Android OS. I’d be interested to see if updating your OS helps.

There was more than one update pending, but about three updates. I updated and unfortunately it’s still the same.

In the email I sent, Tony said it could be a lack of memory and because I use the “Explore” function a lot. And it’s true, lately I’ve been using it a lot to help with Identification.

My memory is also low, I need to buy a better memory card to store the images and videos. I’ll try clearing the memory to see if I have any success. Thanks!