Android app not displaying photos in some cases

I noticed tonight that the Android app wasn’t displaying photos in the observation screen:

… nor in the edit screen:

If I click on the box where the photo should show up in the observation screen, I can see the photo in a pop-up, but it looks like a low resolution photo. The photos display fine in the observation search results.

Has anyone encountered this kind of problem before and know how to resolve it? I’ve logged out and back in, I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app, I’ve restarted my phone, and I’ve connected to a different wifi connection, and none of these seem to help.

I think the last things that I did before I noticed there was a problem was that I went to an observation that someone had IDed, looked at the computer vision’s suggested list of IDs, opened the taxon page for the last CV suggestion, and then commented that the organism was probably an amaranth. I also went into another observation and corrected the location name, but I’m not sure if there was a problem at that point or not.


I’m having exactly the same issue as of a few hours ago. Could be a widespread problem.


I’m also having the same issue.

Only the first photo of a sighting is missing. I can see the second and third pic.

I wonder if this is related to Seems to have started around the same time.

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Welcome to the forum @porcoespinho15 and @collinclary and thanks for the feedback!


thanks for everyone’s responses. since it looks like this is a bug, i changed the category of this post to a Bug Report.

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Is this the same:

yeah… it looks like it is the same, and it looks like the problem has been fixed. (i confirmed on my device.)


OK so, first problem I noticed is that my images aren’t showing up:

I can click on them and see them, but sometimes the image I get that way is a lot lower-res than the image I uploaded:

Sometimes, only the first image doesn’t show up, and the ones after that do. Other times, all images don’t show up.

Almost nothing is loading on the taxon page:

And, as noted in another thread, the months are not labeled correctly:

I am using iNat version 1.15.2 (387) on Android 9.

Debug logs just emailed

Thanks! Funnily enough, the opposite is happening in our iOS app. We’re looking into it.

Should be working now, on both iOS and Android. Can you please confirm, @clockwood?

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The app was working for me again last night, however now I cannot see any images at all.

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Belay that. Seems to be working again now.


It would be unusual for me to be able to see most of the photos on the app (android). I assume it is because it requires too much bandwidth. It is worse at home on my slow speeds than it is at work with excellent internet. I have about 16,000 observations, most of which have good resolution photos. Am I wrong?

i think this is unrelated, but maybe you have some sort of data saver feature turned on, which causes this behavior…

anyway, i think the original issue is fixed. would one of the moderators close this thread, please?

Data saver is not activated. I’m not reporting an issue though. Just saying it’s nothing to worry about. It happens and I’m convinced it’s due to large file sizes and slow internet.

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