Annotating photo views

I would like to somehow annotate a cicada observation with a flag indicating a ventral view photo is present, and then would like to be able to search on that flag so that I can browse observations with ventral view photos. Any recommendations on how to do this if possible?

i would use observation fields for this.

for example, you could use this observation field, or create something for yourself:

and then you would be able to search by the observation field + value:

or by just the field:


As far as I can tell searching this only gets exact matches, for example a search for “dorsal” brings up only one observation:
and doesn’t include this observation:

So maybe a separate observation field would be necessary for each angle to search them easily?

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If you’re only interested in tracking the ventral view, there is this field:

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Maybe a field “ventral_viewpoint=yes” or do we need a “=yes”?

ah, yes. i didn’t consider the possibility for multiple viewpoints.

so then i think creating a series of related observation fields like “Viewpoint: Dorsal”, “Viewpoint: Ventral”, etc. would be appropriate. then the data type should be text and restricted to a list of possible values such as yes|no.


I think there’s a case to be made for allowing one observation field to be used multiple times (another example that could have multiple use cases), but I’m not sure how much demand there is for that.


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