Annotation account oddity

I just created an observation of this caterpillar:
As I added annotations to the observation, a couple of them were credited to a different account:

It was me that added Evidence of Presence and LifeStage, but according to the page, these two were added by someone in Scotland (ionam), who has not IDed the observation, and I think is unlikely to have even seen it.

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I suspect @ionam added the annotations a split second before you did and it took the system a second to catch up on your end. This user regularly annotates/identifies observations from around the world.


Thanks. I have never some across her before. Hi, ionam, if you read this!
I just thought there was some sort of glitch in the matrix.


@Vireya Greetings from Scotland! Yes, that’s exactly what happened. Actually from my perspective I got to watch the Alive annotation switch from me to yours, so we must have been annotating at exactly the same time as each other.

When I’m tired of an evening I somtimes park myself on the global ID page, clearing the odd unknown and adding some annotations. I enjoy seeing all the things being observed around the world. Aside from a few things I do actually know, I mostly keep my IDs simple, as I am no expert.

I must say I’m impressed swampster could figure my usual pattern of activity out so quickly!


Lovely to meet you! Thanks for adding annotations. Now I’ll know what is happening if it happens again.


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