Evidence of Presence: A Lot

What’s up with “Evidence of Presence: A lot”? I saw it while identifying an Unknown clump of insect eggs. I added an ID of Pterygota, then decided to annotate them, so I added Alive or Dead: Cannot be determined and Life Stage: Egg, then went to do Evidence of Presence and saw this:Screenshot 2021-10-31 104552
Was this intentional? Is it specifically for eggs? If so, it seems to go against what I’ve heard over and over from iNat staff: An observation is for one organism.

Edit: I removed the Egg annotation and it still showed “A lot” as an option, so that’s not it. A random observation of mine (a bird) did not have the option, and neither did a random insect observation, which had “Molt” instead.


That looks like a bug to me. I am not seeing it, either


Can you make it a bug report then? I was going to post it as one but thought I’d put it here first.

I tried looking at that taxa and can’t replicate it so i don’t think i can make a bug report. Maybe it was a one-off.

Well, I don’t really know what the rules for that are, so okay.

i am actually not entirely sure what you mean by bug report, i think posting it here is good, thank you for doing so. and, if it recurs make sure to say so. If not, i guess it isn’t an issue really.

Well, separate messages about this bug in a separate topic in bugs part of forum.

I meant as a new topic in the #bug-reports category. I thought Forum Moderators could move posts to their own topic like that.

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oh sorry, yeah that is a moderator ability but i don’t remember how to do it, can ask another mod if you want.

I doubt it’s fixable without reproduction steps.


Double-checked and there’s definitely no A lot value.

Which browser are you using?

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I can’t help with the bug but I think it’s funny how nonsensical/sensical it is.

“Oh, yeah. A lot.”


Thanks for splitting the post off. I gotta re remember how to do that. I’m not good with that sort of thing.

:laughing: yeah it sounds kinda defensive or something. I’ve got PLENTY of evidence, why you asking me, annotation?

Maybe it’s a translation thing.



I have noticed sometimes Chrome will auto-translate pages already in English if it detects a word it thinks is a different language, which will change parts of pages into nonsense. I wonder if this could be an incident of that.


According to Google Translate ‘molt’ means ‘a lot’ in Catalan, so it would seem this is the answer.


Pretty accurate this is, and this is getting to be an issue on mobile browsers “a lot”.

I recently sent some english langage tests to some “hindi speakers”. The entire test got translated into english and those folks scored the highest possible score that was possible. They posted a screen shot and I realised that the auto translate of entire pages was the reason. So back to pen and paper for these tests now.


molt - Catalan - a lot (similar to Italian molto bello)

There is a popup box sometimes

  • Rate this translation
  • This is not Catalan.

@fluffyinca is your screen language ever Spanish? Might the autotranslate have got confused between languages?

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It’s always English. However, I did recently start using the “Translate to English” option while identifying to translate placeholders, comments and notes, which are often in Spanish. It’s possible that was still ‘on’ when I went to annotate. I’m not really sure how it works.

Okay, this is definitely the problem! The overenthusiastic autotranslate picked it up and “translated” it. I was actually using it on that observation. I just tried again (clicking translate on the Notes section, then opening Evidence of Presence. I was able to catch the moment when it switched from Molt to A lot. Here is the observation if anyone else wants to see: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/41813833